February 13, 2017
Dear Harvest Supporters,
As usual, the new year is off and running. We have been waiting for some good news from Rod & Debbie about containers full of Hurricane relief supplies that were shipped last year. On Thursday, February 9th, I received the news I’ve been waiting for. Both containers that were shipped in December, plus the truck that was shipped in November, have been released and will be delivered to the Camp within the next few days. Praise the Lord!
I continue to rejoice in what the Lord is doing through the missionaries that each of you support. Tom Schmidt has moved the children of Shiloh Children’s Home from the very remote home where there was no power or water to a home that the Lord provided close to Hinche, where there is power and water. Praise the Lord.
A new family has requested to affiliate with Harvest. Austin & Kaelee Truelove have been approved by the board of Harvest International. The Trueloves will be working on their support and are planning a move to Haiti sometime in 2017. Please pray for them.
I had the opportunity to meet Lloyd & Elaine Cook in Miami last month. They came to Miami to attend their daughter’s wedding and it happened to be at the same time that I had to attend a Cuba meeting. I enjoyed meeting them and look forward to visiting them in Jamaica, hopefully in 2017.
Ray Nelson is winding up his 6–month stay in India and will be on his way back to the U.S. sometime in March. He will be back in the U.S. for about 4–6 months before returning to India. He has had a very blessed visit and is very encouraged with how the Lord used him while he was there.
Betty & Daniel Edwin continue to plant churches in Northern India despite the hardships caused by the currency changes dictated by the government. Please continue to pray for their safety.
Our missionaries in Africa are all doing well. Dhan and Dolly Lalsee, who serve the Lord in Harare, Zimbabwe, are planning to return to the U.S. to visit family and supporters. I am looking forward to seeing them. No firm dates are available yet. I will let you know once they nail down travel dates.
Dick and Barb continue to monitor the work of the Good Samaritan Project in Ft. Portal, Uganda. Dick and Bard are greeters at our Home Church, Wings of Faith Fellowship, so I see them weekly plus they visit the office often. Things are going well in Uganda.
The work in Romania and Ukraine are ongoing. Viktor Migo, Director of House of Hope in Ukraine, and I communicate via email often and have used SKYPE on several occasions. Randy Bullock is still working on his goals for the camps in Romania.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and financial support for all our missionaries on the field. I would ask that you pray for our “Celebrating 30 years of ministry” banquet. The event is scheduled for February 16. Please remember that we pray for you as often as we see your name.
God bless you,
Danny Thomas, Director
Harvest International, Inc.

Harvest International is a Christian ministry organization acting as facilitator in assisting Christians who are called of God to meet the physical needs of poor people around the world and empowering them as they earn the right to minister to their spiritual needs.

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