March 16, 2017
Dear Harvest Supporters,
I am grateful to the Lord to be writing this statement letter to you. My journey over the last five weeks has been nothing less than an adventure. A visit to the doctor on February 9th for what appeared to be the flu quickly deteriorated to a blood sugar level of over 600 and a five day stay in the hospital. The good news is that I am here. Praise the Lord.
At the end of my statement letter last month I ask that you pray for our “Celebrating 30 Years of Ministry Banquet” that was scheduled for February 16th. Thank you for your prayers. The banquet was the best one ever. Dr. John Leininger shared his testimony of starting Harvest International and where we are today. Praise the Lord.
I presently have a 40’ container sitting in the parking lot that I am in the process of loading for Haiti. This container will have much needed supplies for Camp Mahanaim as well as over 200 plus “Buckets of Love for Haiti” and 155,000 meals. When this container ships we will have sent over 1000 relief buckets and 1 million meals to Haiti. The cost for shipping the container from Ocala, Florida to Camp Mahanaim is right at $6,000.00. If you would like to be part of this relief effort, please send your gift marked “Container”.
I was able to talk with Tom Schmidt yesterday and he informed me that he was on his way back to Haiti next week. He is taking 36 packs of food which will make 216 meals. That will feed the children at Shiloh Children’s Home for a month. He is going to be in Haiti for several weeks.
Ray Nelson will get back home from India this week. I am looking forward to seeing him and talking to him about all he accomplished while he was gone. I know he’s already thinking about his next trip and will start his fundraising by mid-April.
The Harvest International First Quarter Newsletter will be posted on our website later this month. There will be an update from each of the missionaries that you support in that letter. Please visit the website to catch up with the latest news.
As always, thank you so much for your support. We continue to pray for each of you as we see your name come across my desk.
God bless you,
Danny Thomas, Director
Harvest International, Inc.

Harvest International is a Christian ministry organization acting as facilitator in assisting Christians who are called of God to meet the physical needs of poor people around the world and empowering them as they earn the right to minister to their spiritual needs.

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