August 7, 2017
Dear Harvest Supporter,
On July 14, I celebrated my 70th birthday. It was a great day. My children and grandchildren all remembered. I received many “Happy Birthday” wishes on Facebook. All in all a good day for me.
On Sunday, I visited a church in my city that is a non-denominational Fellowship. Solid preaching from the Word of God, very modern worship. No Choir, just a Praise and Worship team. It was very uplifting but I came to a realization. I AM OLD.
I have become the person that I use to tell to “get over it” when the traditional Southern Baptist Church I attended in the 70’s started a Praise team and singing Chorus instead of Hymns. I remember thinking “what a shame that these old people can’t accept this new form of worship.
The realization that I have become OLD came when the pastor gave an Alter Call and the worship team sang, “I have decided to follow Jesus”. It was not the soft, melodious, chorus I remembered. It was upbeat, heavy drums, and I said to myself, “I recognize the words, but what is that music?”. That's when it hit me. I have grown OLD. I left the church uplifted in light of this realization. I also had the opportunity to visit with several brothers and sisters who I have not seen in a while. Praise the Lord.
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God bless you,

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