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Harvest International owns no foreign possessions, has no “corporate” projects or agendas and needs no flashy offices or 6 figure salaries.  What we do have is a vision and a conviction that our role is to help people called by God to meet that call and fulfill what He has led them to accomplish.


In 1994 a widow came to Harvest who had a dream of serving the Lord in Odessa Ukraine. She was in her 70’s and did not meet the qualifications of going to a foreign country where she didn’t speak the language to serve the Lord. Harvest made a decision to “empower” this widow and be a covering for her while she served the Lord in Ukraine. It proved to be the right decision and God has honored that decision.


Since that time Harvest International has sent upwards of 10 families to various countries, who do not always meet organizational qualifications but are called by God. We provide the covering as a sending organization for those who are looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord on the Foreign Mission.


Contact Danny Thomas at for more information.

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