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Ray B. Nelson
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Faith Foundations International

It all began in 1984 when two Pastors from Madras, India, spent two weeks at my home in Ocala, Florida. Upon their departure, I realized that every time I saw someone from India I felt like they were my friends.

In 2000, I met Mathew and Angel Meager from Hyderabad, India, who invited me to come to India. In 2004, I went and ministered at a Village Crusade of 4,000 villagers and taught at their Bible school and orphanage/hostel of 275 kids. I returned in 2005 (along with my two teenagers) to conduct a conference for some 200 Village Pastors, and to minister in the Bible school while my children taught in the residential school and interacted with the kids at the orphanage for a month. I returned again in 2006, and held a conference for some 400 pastors.

In 2007, my ministry expanded to three places in India—Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Razole—where I ministered to multiple Bible colleges, universities, pastors conferences, and orphanages. In 2010-11, I returned to Razole, India, and stayed with brother Sharath for five months and returned to Hyderabad for my final month with Mathew and Angle. My time with Sharath was filled with ministry to 4,000 people at a crusade; many churches out of his 70 that he oversees; and many weddings, funerals, social meetings.

But the end of my 4th month, I fell and broke a hip. I was in the hospital for Christmas and stayed a month more. I moved on over to Hyderabad and stayed there for observation for the month. The operation healed quickly but my mental condition took two years to heal.


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