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Daniel & Betty Edwin
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Bethesda Mission was founded in Bangalore in the year 1999. We have a church under this banner, namely: World Gospel Hope Church. We cater to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the slum, tribal, and rural population; we have 10 branches in both South and North India.

We have Children's home in a very remote village namely Tumkur, and we have 12 Sunday Schools distributed in slums and villages. There are early 1200 children there. Our church youth are involved in gospel sharing, tract distribution and other welfare programs for this community.

We are now having a project, namely ARADHANA, meaning "worshiping the Lord in our actions." This program is now taking shape in providing help to rural, tribal, and slum women and children. Our focus here is on spiritual life, education, and health to these categories. Under this umbrella we want to have a school, a laboratory, and a Balwadi (children's school for children migrant laborers and HIV infected parents). The children's home that we have is only for boys and there are 17 girls waiting to be taken in a home. We have to have support to open a children's home for girls exclusively.

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