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Rod & Debbie Wray
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A New Journey

In August of 2021 after twenty years of serving as Missionaries in Haiti, we experienced a 7.2 earthquake which brought an abrupt end to ministry in Haiti for us and a transition period into a whole new realm.    The past two years have been a gift from God unto us as we have greatly enjoyed being back in Canada, spending much time with our 5 kids, and getting to know our 11 grandchildren.  

We were excited in August of 2023 to receive a letter from our friend and former mission director Danny Thomas titled;  “Your next mission” in which he asked if we would pray about becoming the new directors of Harvest International.    I had recently started to read through the entire Bible and my reading the next morning was from Genesis chapter 41 verse 1 where I read;  (about Joseph when he was imprisoned)  “ Then it came to pass at the end of two full years,”   The Words jumped off the page at me, and as I began to reflect, quickly realized that it was exactly 2 years to the day since we had departed Haiti.    It turned out that same day, we had some free time and decided to visit an old friend whom we hadn’t seen for many years, who was 99 years old.   As we met with our dear friend Ruth, she asked what ministry we were doing now,  and when we answered “none”, she responded, “Well, what about that mission organization, “Harvest International”, that you served with for all those years, don’t they have a place for you?   At that point, Deb and I looked at each other with wonder, as God had just used our friend Ruth to affirm and encourage us in this new ministry.   Since then, God has opened the doors for us to relocate to Florida and begin this new venture.    We pray that God will use us and give us all we need to accomplish His will.     To God be all the glory. 


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