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Rod, Debbie & Katie Wray
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The Lord has allowed us to serve as missionaries in Haiti for fifteen years now and it truly is a privilege!! Our initial assignment was the reconstruction of the local mission hospital, which has been accomplished and is being very well used. We began the Aids support group and feeding program in 2004, and it is still going strong along with the Aids orphanage. We have worked with youth and sports and taken local men's and women's teams to the Haiti National Volleyball Championships for three years. We have developed the “Angels” volleyball team over the last seven years. With the encouragement of our mission (Harvest International) we began a weekly ministry to the children of one of the poorest areas in Les Cayes. We hold a Sunday School and feeding program for about 1500+ children every Sunday. We enjoy hosting medical, construction, wedding, sports and camp teams. These teams have been a huge part of our ministry here. For example, it was a medical team that first allowed us entrance into the poor area of Renault where we began the children's program. Later it was construction teams that helped us in construction of the large Sunday School building that we use each week.

In 2009, we were given the large camp property, and have begun work on the Camp Mahanaim project. Luke 16:10 says that: "He who is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much." It seems that God doesn't necessarily always choose the people who are most qualified or skilled (we certainly aren't), but rather, those who are faithful. If you truly want to be used by God, be faithful and honest in even the smallest of matters, and little by little God will entrust you with the "Great Riches." Each Sunday when we shake hands with about 1000 little children we thank God for entrusting us with the Great Riches of Haiti.


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