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Due to the worldwide situation, we have temporarily stopped team travel but we hope to be able to start again in the future.

One of the greatest BLESSINGS you will ever receive is by being a member of a “Short Term Mission Trip”. It will change your life. You go on the mission trip because you want to help people and serve the Lord and what happens is that you receive the BIGGER blessing. You get to witness the tremendous faith that the people you go to serve have in the Lord and that encourages you in your faith. The blessing that you will be to the people you serve will be multiplied back to you 10, 20, 100 fold in your life when you return.

Many have told me they can’t afford to go. In my 30 plus years of serving as the Executive Director of Harvest International, I do not know of a single person that was not able to go on a Short Term Mission Trip due to money. Don’t miss the blessing that a trip will bring.

Contact Danny Thomas at for more information about organizing a group from your church or community.

Why go on a short-term mission trip?

1. To experience God and join Him in the work He is doing worldwide.
2. To give your time, talents, and resources to suffering people.
3. To grow in Christ as you serve others.


What can I do?

By joining a short-term mission team, you will have an opportunity to impact people physically and spiritually. Medical, Construction, Evangelism, or Humanitarian—you are only limited by your imagination on how you can influence the lives of others with the Good News. No previous experience is necessary!


Who can go?

Anyone who is willing to go and give of themselves, and give of their time is a candidate to serve with Harvest International.


Where can I go?

Harvest International's mission programs are currently in Cuba, Haiti, India, Kenya, Romania, Uganda, and Ukraine.


How long is a short-term team trip?

Teams vary in length. Teams to Romania, Uganda, and Ukraine are typically two weeks or longer due to the distance traveled. Teams to Haiti are typically nine days.


What does it cost?

For Romania and Ukraine (14 days) the cost is $1400.00 plus airfare. For Haiti (9 days) the cost is $800.00 plus airfare. For Cuba, please call for more details.


How do I sign up?

You will need to download and complete our Mission Trip Application and send it to Harvest International.


The forms are in PDF format. If you do not have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free by clicking on the icon below.

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