Virgin Isles
Harare, Zimbabwe
Dolly & Dhan
Dhan & Dolly, originally from the Caribbean, have been career miss-ionaries since 1986. Based in Grenada for the first 17 years, they worked with churches in the region offering training in evangelism and discipleship, planned and hosted leadership conferences for pastors and helped them develop economic and service ministries for the im-provement of their communities. Dhan also coordinated two national evangelistic crusades in Grenada and helped in planning similar outreach-es in Dominica (Dolly's homeland) and St Croix, US Virgin Islands. Since 2003, he has served in admin-istration in Miami while still conduct-ing training in the English-speaking Caribbean.
Dhan studied  law in England  where
he was called to the bar in 1973 before returning home to Grenada where he practiced for 13 years. He came to know the Lord in 1977, and Dolly in 1980, in rather unique cir-cumstances but independently of each other. In 1986, certain of the Lord’s call into fulltime ministry, he wound up his law practice where Dolly also assisted him.
The Lord has now called them to a new ministry in Zimbabwe, mobiliz-ing and equipping the church for world missions. They are convinced that the Lord is using the present political and economic situation there to prepare the church for a significant role in reaching the world with the gospel. They are compelled, by the love of Christ, with a burning desire to respond to this call.
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