Since September 2000, Harvest International (under the direction of Mrs. Lela Steel) has been working with this orphanage to establish an educational program and better standard of living for these children. The program is entitled Project Heritage House.

Harvest International is an American organization registered as not for profit in both the United States and Ukraine.
Project Heritage House's role is to supplement basic services and material needs that were originally meant to be provided by the city government. Because of Ukraine's current poor economical situation the city government currently cannot meet these needs. Project Heritage House provides assistance in the areas of children's education, material, and nutritional needs.

Project Heritage House focuses on the 3rd and 6th grade classes at the orphanage. There are currently 23 students in the 3rd grade and 28 students in the 7th Grade. Additionally, Project Heritage House pays for renovations, extra supervisors and tutors.

To supplement the teachers and two full time supervisors provided by the state, Project Heritage House provides; a full time psychologist, 2 teachers (tutors), 2 supervisors and an administrator, all of whom have pedagogical degrees (i.e. educational specialists).

Twice daily the basic nutritional needs of the children are supplemented by snacks in the morning and mid-afternoon. Vitamins are also provided daily.

For the first time in fifty-one years, major renovations took place at the orphanage in the summer of 1999. Four bedrooms, a classroom, a playroom, and a multipurpose room have been remodeled.

Heritage House has been granted permission to take the 3rd and 7th grade students to various events outside the orphanage including trips to the zoo, the water park and over night to other nearby cities to sight see. These trips are “a first” for most of the students. Who have never been far from the orphanage.

Also, we are currently working with the director of Fontonka, a young men’s prison. Harvest has recently provided heat for the entire facility and a new roof. We are praying and planning to have a full time couple come work at Fontonka teaching vocational skills and Christian life principles to the young men.


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