The Odessa Boarding School Orphanage Number Four was built in 1949 for a population of two hundred students. It currently houses 419 children. Odessa Boarding School Four is unique in that it is strictly for orphans. The orphanage belongs to the city of Odessa.

The orphanage provides shelter, nourishment, and education for children who otherwise would live abandoned on the streets of Odessa. Children are brought to the orphanage for one of three reasons:

  • The parents have abandoned them.
  • The parents have had their parental rights removed by the state because they are in prison, are drug abusers, or abused the child.
  • The custodial parent(s) have died.

Children range in ages six to eighteen years old, grades one through eleven. The orphanage serves orphans from the Odessa region.

The orphanage falls under the administration of the Odessa Minister of Education. The Odessa Ukrainian Minister of Education owns the building and is responsible for the health and welfare of the children. The Odessa Ukrainian Minister of Education: operates the facility; has legal custody of the children, and hires and pays all directors, teachers, and staff, with the exception of the staff provided by Project Heritage House. Project Heritage House is a project began in the September 1999 with Harvest International and Salvation Army. Project Heritage House falls under the authority and oversight of the Ukrainian Minister of Education and must satisfy its guidelines.


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